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Fireworks BOOTH Signups

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In order to help pay off the students' "fair share" fees, we split our profit with the individuals who work our two fireworks booths. Here's how this works:

We split the profit form the combined booths in half and turn it into an hourly wage. For example, if the band makes $10,000 in profit, the student portion would be $5,000.

We divide the profit by the total hours worked to determine our hourly wage. In past years, the hourly wage was around $5.00/hr.

We multiply the hourly rate by the hours worked in that student's name to determine the total credit to deposit into the student's account. For example, if the student, family and friends combine to work 20 hours, at $5/hr. profit, a total of $100 would be deposited into the student's account.

We have three booths located at:

ARCO Gas Station (corner of Pyle and Maryland Parkway)

1195 Pyle Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89183

Get N Go Chevron Station (corner of LV Blvd. and Silverado Ranch)

21 E. Silverado Ranch Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89183

Terrible Herbst (corner of St. Rose and Maryland Parkway)
3428 St. Rose Parkway

Las Vegas, NV 89052

The booths are open from June 28th to July 4th, 24 hours a day.

We need a minimum of one adult (over 18) and two students (over 14) in the booth at all times. Preferably, we will have at least two adults and two students at all times.

Siblings (14 or older), family and friends can all work toward your band fees. However, EVERY person must attend one fireworks meeting. The fireworks meetings will take place immediately after each required parent meeting. You may attend any one fireworks meeting to qualify for signups.

If you're interested in signing up for a shift, please fill out the form below!


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