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CCSD Festival Scales

All Major and Minor Scales

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The Grey Dawn Is Breaking

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Honor Band Information

Congratulations to the members who made the 2019 CCSD Honor Bands!!

Audition Information - For planning

What: High School Honor Band Auditions
Where: Clark High School

  • Encourage practicing and private lessons.
  • Teach your wind players all 12 major scales. Judges will choose two. Judges will ask for the scales on their starting pitch and concert pitch. Generally, they will be asked to play two octaves. Quarter, eighth, eighth, eighth, eighth, eighth, eighth, quarter, etc. Tongued up, slurred down from memory. Scale sheets are not allowed in the audition room.
  • All wind players will be required to play a Chromatic Scale. This should be performed to the most accurate and practical speed/range of their ability, tongued up and slurred down. (Example: Saxophone players should start on Low Bb and play as high as their instrument and ability will allow...with consistent tempo and articulation.)
  • Students are expected to play all etudes for the instrument as described in the attachment. Keep in mind the tempo markings are suggestions; students are encouraged to play the etudes as accurately as possible regardless of tempo.
  • Teach your students to sight-read. Wind players will be asked to perform a short musical excerpt.  They will have approximately 30 seconds to study it silently.  Tuners and metronomes are not allowed in the audition room.
  • Percussion Audition requirements:
  • Students will audition on the following instruments using prepared pieces provided by NMEA
    • Snare
    • Timpani
    • Mallets (Xylophone)
    • Auxiliary Percussion (Tambourine/Triangle/Castanets)
    • Auxiliary Percussion (Bass Drum/Cymbals)
  • Percussion Students will have the following sight-reading excerpt:
    • Mallets (Marimba or Xylophone)
  • All instruments will be provided, however students are expected to bring their own appropriate mallets and sticks for these instruments.
  • Make sure that students wishing to audition on piccolo also audition on flute.
  • Arrive at Clark HS at least 30 minutes before your assigned time.  (Students and Teachers!)

Concert Band