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Though not required, it is strongly recommended that students study privately with a specialist on his/her instrument in order to achieve greater technical ability and musicianship.

Private lesson give students a regular practice structure, performance opportunities, and expert guidance that will compound and develop the student to a more proficient performer.

Student’s Responsibility to the Private Lesson Instructor

Prepare for each lesson.

  • Practice at least 30 minutes per day on their lesson assignment.
  • Be warmed-up properly before the lesson begins.
  • Record the private lesson instructor’s contact information (email/phone number).
  • Follow attendance policy.
  • Supply materials required by instructor. The materials are typically low cost and are the responsibility of the student. Such materials may include method books, specialized supplies, solos, etc.

Private Lesson Instructor’s Responsibility to the Student

  • Provide student a quality private lesson which contributes positively to the development and continual improvement of the student as a musician, performer, or artist.
  • Instill an appreciation for the arts.
  • Exhibit professional characteristics and demeanor in attitude, appearance, behavior and responsibility in every activity germane to private lesson instruction.
  • Provide students with contact information (email & cell phone #).

Financial Considerations

  • Payment is to be made directly from the student to the private lesson instructor.
  • Payment schedules and payment policies will be established by each private lesson instructor and communicated to the students they teach.
  • Payments are to be made on the due date set by the private lesson instructors.
  • Checks are to be made payable to the individual private lesson instructors.
  • Lesson fees may range from $17-23 per half hour lesson (dependent on completed degree and experience in teaching).

Please speak to your band director about setting up lessons with a private instructor.

General Lessons
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Private Lessons