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It is expected that students in the Liberty High School Band should practice a minimum of 200 minutes per week and must be logged and turned in via the LHS Practice Log every Monday. It is the student's responsibility to earn their practice time by practicing at home, during lunch, or after school, and must be signed by a parent or guardian, or Mr. Whaley. Playing in your ensemble class does not count towards your required practice time, however, performing in an outside of school ensemble on your instrument does such as the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra, the Desert Winds, CSN concert band, etc... For guidance, see the "How to Practice" portion of the LHS practice log.

Semester Exam Answers - Semester II

LHS Practice Log

Fingering Charts

Intonation Book

Click on the links below to find extra practice material for your instrument. Remember to use the "How to Practice" guidelines to aide you in your practice efforts. 




Double Reed

Intermediate Brass Routines

Advanced Brass Routines

Percussion Rudiments

Percussion Packet 1

Percussion Packet 2

Looking to purchase a new instrument?

Be sure to speak to Dr. Malpass or Ms. Sarah Patnesky l before any big purchase is made. Below is a list of recommended instruments:

Yamaha (solid silver body, open hole, B - foot)

Buffet R-13 (nickel keys)

Loree, Fox 300 or above

Selmer USA
Yamaha 52 or 62

Bach Stradivarius with ML bore
Yamaha Xeno 

French Horn:
Holton Farkas 179

Bach 42 or 42BO

Yamaha 321

B&S PT4 rotary valve tuba

Practice Resources