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Leadership Application

Band Leadership

Upper Leadership Team

Drum Major - Nathan Scott

Drum Major - Josh Zamarippa

Captain - Lexy Williams

Captain - Owen Barlow

Guard Captains - Nico Denosta, Kamaile McGill

Leadership Team

Flute Section Leader - June Rudd

Reeds Section Leader - Matt Hoffman

Trumpet Section Leader - Isabelle Graham

Mello Section Leader - Pheo Valdez

Baritone Section Leader - Troy Evans

Sousa Section Leader - Logan Covington

Drumline Section Leader - Cameron Carter

Front Ensemble Section Leader - Rian Bartel-Adams, Maddie Crispin

Public Information Officer - Andrew Pacheco

New Member Liaison - Pheo Valdez, Andrew Pacheco

Logistics - Camden Barlow

Leadership Training 2021

Read Excerpts from The 360-Degree Leader by John C. Maxwell.

Complete the exercises in the corresponding workbook.

Complete the daily homework.

The 360-Degree WORKBOOK

Lesson 1 - What is leadership?

PowerPoint presentation CLICK HERE

Homework:The 360-Degree Leader - MYTHS (read myths 1 - 3)

Homework: Complete Section 1 Myths 1 - 3 in the WORKBOOK

Homework:Self Assessment

Lesson 2 - Leadership Myths Part 1

PowerPoint presentation: CLICK HERE

Homework: The 360-Degree Leader - MYTHS (read myths 4 - 7)

Homework: Complete Section 1 Myths 4 - 7 in the WORKBOOK

Homework: Write a letter to yourself: Tell YOU “This is WHY I want to be a leader"

Homework: Take the 360-Degree assessment

​Lesson 3 - Leadership Myths Part 2
PowerPoint presentation: 

Homework:16 Personalities Test

Homework: Write down five attainable goals for yourself and five for your section. Be prepared to share your goals next class.

Lesson 4 - Creative Goal Setting

PowerPoint presentation: CLICK HERE 

Homework:The 360-Degree Leader - CHALLENGES (read challenges 1 - 3)

Homework: Complete Section 2 Challenges 1 - 3 in the WORKBOOK

Homework: Pledge to a worthy, measurable short term goal and be prepared to report on your success or failure of completing those goals. 

Lesson 5 - Challenges Part 1

PowerPoint presentation: CLICK HERE

Homework: The 360-Degree Leader - CHALLENGES (read challenges 4 - 7)

Homework: Complete Section 2 Challenges 4 - 7 in the WORKBOOK

Homework: Engage in some sort of stress relief activity this week (maybe even with a friend or family member)

Lesson 6 - Challenges Part 2

PowerPoint presentation: CLICK HERE

Homework: The 360-Degree Leader - LEADING UP (read lead up principles 1 - 4)

Homework: Complete Section 3 Leading Up 4 - 7 in the WORKBOOK

Homework: Build relationships, gain maturity, develop your influence

Homework: Choose 4 individuals with whom you would not normally communicate and launch a conversation that focuses on them. We will report on the completion (or failure to complete) of your goals of this outreach challenge. This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT assignments you will do. It is the basis for the rest of the curriculum.

Extra Reading and lessons (non required, but encouraged to read on your own)

Lesson 7 - Leading Up Part 1 - PowerPoint presentation CLICK HERE 

Lesson 8 - Leading Up Part 2 - Powerpoint presentation CLICK HERE

The 360-Degree Leader - LEADING UP principals 5 - 9

The 360-Degree Leader - LEADING ACROSS

The 360-Degree Leader - LEADING DOWN

The 360-Degree Leader - THE VALUE OF THE 360 DEGREE LEADER



The Sound of Liberty Band gives all students involved in the program the opportunity to develop leadership skills.  As a member of the Liberty Band, all students will be in an environment to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills.  Student leaders are responsible for the majority of the tasks of operating a successful band program. The band directors will delegate a large number of jobs to students not only to make the logistics of running the band easier, but also to develop responsibility in students. The student leaders go through an extensive audition process in order to be selected.