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incoming freshmen information!

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If you are an incoming Freshmen or parent of an incoming Freshmen, we have some links and information for you. Beginning Tuesday, May 30th, we are having our annual Summer Acceleration for Marching Band! We are very excited to begin working on our next show which will be announced this Thursday, May 11th at our Spring Concert. 

You can also go to our Front Page to our website to check out our calendar of events! And as always, you can message Dr. Malpass at malpadw@nv.ccsd.net or Ms. Sarah Patnesky at patnese@nv.ccsd.net if you have any questions!

This camp is being held From May 30 - June 16, Mon - Fri. This camp will help students get a confident start to our new show as we head into the summer months. We will have technicians and other musical experts helping out as well. This camp is design to be informative, exciting, and fun for the students. And the best part... it'sFREE! We are encouraging all students planning on participating in Marching Band to enroll and join us for these three weeks. If you are going away on vacation for a few days, no problem! If you are having a family BBQ and you need to miss a day or two, no problem! We'd still love to see your student when they are able to join us!​

If you are interested, please fill out this form to register!​​

Join and attend Band Booster Club Meetings. These meetings are the number one place to get information and get involved. Find out more about the Band Booster Club.

Volunteer Volunteering is a very rewarding experience and a great way to get involved in your child’s life.  We have a volunteer opportunity to fit every interested level and time budget.   Find out more about Volunteer Programs

Get Informed Liberty Band has a very special culture. We work hard, have fun and are a family.  We have traditions, events and lingo that are all our own.  Keep your information through the band office current to stay informed.

Last but not least…

COME TO THE GAMES and PERFORMANCES! You’ll spot us, we are the ones sporting “Show Shirts” and cheering the roof off the stadium. Seriously, parents are a HUGE support base for our kids.  Join us in the stands!

How to Get involved

On behalf of the Liberty High School Band - we extend a warm welcome to all Sound of Liberty Marching Band and Color Guard members and their parents.

Our parents and their support are a critical and much appreciated part of our band.  We simply couldn’t do all the things we do without you.  Liberty High School band parents are active, involved, and informed.  They dedicate their time and talents to support the band and their children’s success.  No one can do it all but all of us together can do amazing things.