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Jazz II Audition Music

2017-2018 Audition Music

Honor Jazz Audition Information 2016 - 2017

Honor Jazz Info:

Auditions are Jan 9th (Sax's and rhythm section) and 10th (trumpets and trombones) at Green Valley HS. They will be live blind auditions. $5 to audition (pay the banker as a band fee). If you want to audition on multiple instruments, you must register more than once and pay $5 per audition.

Audition material is the same as All-State Jazz (See info below)

Scales, improv, and etudes as listed.

All State Jazz Info:

To be eligible to audition, students need to be in their schools’ Jazz Band or equivalent class and in good standing. There is no Honor Ensemble pre-requisite for audition. Auditions in the Southern Zone will be at the Las Vegas Academy on Friday Feb. 3rd and Monday Feb. 6th.

The Audition is in three parts for all instruments except Drumset:
Part 1 - Scales
Part 2 - Etude
Part 3 - Improvisation
Drumset has two parts:
Part 1 - Etudes - there are two
Part 2 - Sight Reading


Scale listed is in concert pitch. Students should begin on that concert pitch and play the appropriate mode indicated. For instance, C dorian would be played by concert pitched instruments from C to C with the key signature of Bb. Bb instruments would play from D to D in the key of C. And Eb instruments would play from A to A in the key of G. Pianists should play all scales with two hands.

1. Eb Dorian (concert pitch)- swing eighth notes up to the 9th and back down.
2. A Mixolydian (concert pitch) - swing eighth notes up to the 9th and back down.
3. Chromatic Scale - begin on a note of your choosing. Play two octaves. Use triplet rhythm at quarter note = 100. Tongue up , Slur down (with the exception of rhythm section instruments). Students wishing to be considered for Lead Trumpet should play as high as
comfortably possible. Students wishing to be considered for Bass Trombone should play up and then descend as low as comfortably possible.

Etude List

Alto Sax/Tenor Sax/Bari Sax - “The Sum of Your Attributes”
Trumpet - “Blue Note Blues”
Lead Trumpet - “Blue Note Blues” - The following measures must be played up one octave:
Measures 32 - 35, 41 - 44, and 59 - end.
Trombone - “The Sum of Your Attributes”
Bass Trombone - “The Sum of Your Attributes” - The following sections must be played down
one octave: Measures 11 - 24, 40 - 46, and 56 - 66.
Piano - “The Sum of Your Attributes”
Guitar - “The Moon Is High”
Bass - “Blue Note Blues”
Vibraphone - “Milt Jackson Etude #2”
Drumset - Solo #2 Jazz Set (pgs. 198 - 199) measure #2 - end
Solo #4 (pgs. 200 - 201) all\Improvisation

For All Instruments except Drumset
“There Is No Greater Love”
Saxophones/Trumpets/Trombones/Vibraphone - Play the Head once. Solo through the form twice.
Piano/Guitar - Play the head once. Comp the second chorus. Solo the Third chorus.
Bass - Play the head once. Walk the second chorus. Solo the Third chorus.​

Audition Etudes

"There is No Greater Love Recording"

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